Parents & Teachers

It’s Fun & Easy to Teach Students about Engineering at the Nation’s Premeir Engineering Family Day Event

Dear Parents and Teachers,

Thank you for your interest in Discover Engineering Family Day at the National Building Museum.

Family Day is designed to help students – primarily 4- to 12-years-old – learn about engineering and the importance of technological literacy.

Students will be introduced to the many branches of engineering: civil, mechanical, electrical, agricultural, chemical, computer, aeronautical, biological and ventilating, just to name a few. They will find a host of hands-on and mind-challenging activities presented by professionals in a fun, engaging atmosphere. Most exhibitors also offer giveaways that the children can take home.

For some students, the day will spark in them a desire to become an engineer. And they will have plenty of opportunities to speak with engineers and ask them about what they do.

We hope all the children come away with an appreciation of the role technology plays in our lives. Whether you create technology – like engineers do – or use it – like all of us do – knowing how to get the most out of it can enhance your life and increase your chance of career success.

We think you and everyone in your party will have a great time at Discover Engineering Family Day. If you have any questions, please contact us.

[titled_box title=”Engineering Resources” bgColor=”#fcb534″]To learn more about engineering and computing, including things like degree programs, professional profiles and lesson plans for teachers, see and

See the Design Squad Nation stars at our event and take a look at their online resources.

What is Engineering? We recommend you view this video from MIT.

Activities  you can try at home.[/titled_box]