What Is Engineering?

Think for a moment about the built world around you. None of it would be possible without engineers. The places where you live and work, the car you drive, the MP3 player you just can’t live without – were all designed by engineers.

We can thank them for things like smartphones, modern highways, heating and air conditioning, clean drinking water, reliable electricity, airplanes, MRIs, pacemakers, high-definition TVs, GPS, stronger, lighter plastics, computers, longer-lasting clothes and safer, healthier food. You name it and engineers play the lead role in turning ideas into reality.

Engineers create solutions. They view challenges as opportunities. While they employ mathematics and various areas of scientific study, the most important trait they possess is creativity. They use their imaginations to dream up innovative ways of looking at things. Failure, to them, is not a reason to stop, but another step to finding a solution.

Engineers collaborate with other smart people to invent and design systems, products and services that make a real difference in people’s lives. They think clearly and communicate well.

If you know a student who has a creative mind and would like to help shape a better future for all of us, we hope you encourage him or her to start thinking about becoming an engineer. The financial rewards are great and, more importantly, they get to help people live happier, more productive lives.

Remember, life takes engineering.